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O.A.R. (Of A Revolution)

Genre Roots


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O.A.R. (Of A Revolution) is the band that, point blank, made me realize the music world needs a NetLive Music. So, with that in mind and the band and their music firmly entrenched in my ear drums, I set out to start of music community that would be a place for fans of great live bands to aggregate. Welcome (NLM).


In 2000, I was graduating from Providence College and the song, “Crazy Game of Poker” spread like wild fire across my friend matrix. The song, and later album, was a hit… but no one had heard of O.A.R. or Crazy Game of Poker until I gave them, what is now known as THE SICK MIX. I have never, even to this day, seen a tape shared and spread with that speed and enthusiasm. That mix is still spoken of in legendary terms among my friends. Thank you Jenn!

I knew I had to get this fervor and appreciation online. My goal was to create a community where the sum of all the fans of these great independent bands was greater than the individual parts. At this point the internet was pretty new and Napster was in its “heyday” but I wanted to help support the bands and be respectful and appreciative of their art. I wanted to help them flourish… hey maybe even get some radio play.

In 2002, I got permission from the bands’ then current management, Dave Roberge older brother of lead singer Marc Roberge, to have Mike Sarnovsky help me load O.A.R’s live shows onto the NetLive Music site and help spread the bands good vibes.

The shows on this site are a collection of, pre-major label, early O.A.R. These shows are a great place to start exploring NLM and on your journey into this band and other great independent music. These early shows are the bands beginnings. They flow, from one show to the next, highlighting the evolution and maturation of a great live band. These are the roots of O.A.R.

Thank you O.A.R. for a decade plus of great live music

....check out the latest music and band bio at

Shake and smile,

Jeremy Krause

CEO and Founder



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