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Ryan Montbleau Band

Genre Rock


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Averaging over 200 gigs per year for the past few years, Ryan Montbleau Band has generated the kind of buzz that only surrounds a talented artist on the verge. Emerging onto the national music scene from his home base of Boston, Ryan Montbleau has been described as something of a Martin Sexton by way of Van Morrison and Stevie Wonder. Yet Ryan Montbleau Bands music is difficult to pigeon-hole or neatly categorize. It is original yet familiar a fresh sound full of firmly-rooted ingredients, including Americana, folk, blues, ragtime and R&B and soul. Whereas the bands intriguing instrumentation and arrangements (not to mention top notch chops) help to create this unique sound, all is firmly anchored by Montbleau's water-tight lyrics and unmistakable voice.

Having begun his career playing Boston's coffee shops and folk venues as a solo artist with an infectious, percussive, fingerpicking guitar style, the charismatic Ryan Montbleau has evolved into the front man for the eclectic ensemble that bears his name. Make no mistake this is a band in every sense of the word and is powered by the dynamics of Matt Giannaros (acoustic upright bass, electric bass, vocals), Laurence Scudder (viola), Jason Cohen (piano, organ, clavinet, Rhodes, Moog) and James Cohen (drums). Their first collective album, One Fine Color, was released on Valentines Day, 2006 and shows a cohesive vision rarely seen among young artists today. Several thousand copies have sold so far and the album has been raved about by music lovers of all types and, perhaps most notably, all ages. One Fine Color showcases the timeless songwriting, invigorating energy, and humble, honest sincerity that has allowed Ryan Montbleau Band to expand its passionate fan base one show, and one listen at a time.

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